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“A fine collection of new and traditional tunes for young children and their parents to share. The arrangements, featuring a dizzying variety of instruments, are perfectly suited to the songs and serve to highlight Debbie’s strong, clear voice. This is gentle music that is genuine, heartfelt and will stand the test of many, many playings.” […]

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Flying Dragon Bookshop

“We think the CD is truly lovely. What a delight. A tuneful treat for young and old alike! This beautifully musical CD inspires dancing and twirling! The natural timbre of Debbie’s voice is a joy to listen to… it’s simply beautiful. We look forward to sharing it with our customers!” Nina, Nancy and Cathy, The […]

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A Snow Poem by Debbie with verses from you!

Last week, just before I went out to shovel snow (again!), I put pencil to paper and began to write a poem about snow that turned into a poem about COLOURS! Below my poem are some of the verses that YOU have mailed in. White If You Know White if you know * Is the colour of snow […]

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Katherine Wheatley

“What a gift Debbie has for communicating to children and for helping them find the joy of music. The melodies on her CD are irresistible; the lyrics are fun and meaningful. Her songs are ones that every kid – big and little – will want to sing along with.” Katherine Wheatley singer-songwriter

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Meadow Dulcimers

“I’ve spent the day with your CD. It is rare for me to spend a whole day with a single CD, but “Up and Over the Moon” is irresistible! You really have achieved a humor that is fresh, unpatronizing, and completely other than the corporate cuteness and correctness… that so plagues thinking about children in […]

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