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Kathy Reid-Naiman for Eensy Weensy

Children and the adults who teach and care for them will rejoice with Debbie Carroll’s first book – ‘The Eeensy Weensy Book of Little Fingerplays!’ This is a valuable collection of new and relatively unknown rhymes and songs from a woman who has spent her life working and playing with children. Debbie has chosen 12 fingerplays – small stories that are told using hands to illustrate the actions – and 6 songs – also fingerplays but with lovely tunes to accompany the words. Patricia Storms’ illustrations are simple yet exactly what the rhymes need. The accompanying CD is excellent! Too often CDs that are included with really good books fall short of the book and are only good to listen to once or twice in order to learn the tune. This CD stands on its own and can and will be listened to over and over by children and their caregivers. Debbie’s voice is warm and friendly and Ken Whiteley has used very sparse but tasteful arrangements to bring out the best in each song. This is a lovely collection and it leaves me waiting patiently for the Great Big Book! Please don’t take too long! Kathy Reid-Naiman