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Up And Over The Moon

2003 / Merriweather Records / MDC03 / Buy

Up And Over The MoonGiggle, Dance and Cuddle Songs for the Very Young

| Includes 26 tracks and forty minutes of music for the very young. Songs and tunes are traditional and original, including themes such as animals, playtime, things in the house and the night-time sky. The CD comes with a booklet of lyrics and actions. Ken Whiteley, with his brilliant arrangements, immerses the collection in the influences of folk, gospel, blues, Cajun, olde-tyme, Celtic and world music. The result is a toe-tapping, sing-along, rockabye collection which is beautifully childlike, and which will be enjoyed by the very young and their grownups alike.

The recording features Debbie Carroll on vocals, Celtic harp, piano, and fretted dulcimer, along with musicians Kirk Elliott, Eve Goldberg, Ben Grossman, Jeff Morrison, Arnie Naiman, Kathy Reid-Naiman, Ernie Tollar and Ken Whiteley. Produced and arranged by Ken Whiteley. Executive producer Kathy Reid-Naiman, Merriweather Records Ltd.

2003 Parents’ Choice Award 2003 / Children’s Music Web Award: Best Recording for Toddlers
2004 Canadian Independent Music Awards Nominee:
Best Children’s Performer or Group

“One of the most difficult challenges in songwriting is to create a new song that has that feeling of well-worn and comfortable familiarity that so many old folk songs possess. This wonderful collection of old and old-feeling new songs is perfect for young children and their families. Debbie Carroll and her musical friends have created a thoroughly charming listening experience featuring clear and sweet singing in the best folk tradition, with an engaging variety of instrumental accompaniments produced by the versatile Ken Whiteley. Up and Over the Moon! clearly belongs in the company of the finest folk recordings for young children in North America.” –  Bram Morrison of Sharon, Bram and Friends


Download the CD booklet containing lyrics and suggested actions.

Up And Over The Moon! / It’s A Dancing Day / Can You Hop Like A Bunny? / This Little Cow Eats Grass / Little Tommy Tinker / Early In The Morning / Chatter With The Angels / Flying / Touch The Branches / Here’s A Pot Of Tea / Shortnin’ Bread / Crawdad Hole / The Tickle Person / Tickly / Nelly Go ‘Cross The Ocean / This is the Way the Ladies Ride / Up The Tall White Candlestick / In A Dark Little Town / Shoofly / If I Could Have A Windmill / Diddley Diddley Dumpty / The Cat And The Drum / Elephants Marching / Take The Seed / Far In The Wood / The Meadow-Bout Fields / I’m Sittin’ In A Boat / Mama Bring Me A China Doll / Jessica’s Flowers / Hush Little Rooster / Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star