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My three-year old grandson and I love this music

My three-year old grandson and I love this music. I “stroll” or rock him to sleep to it, and he sings along sweetly with “Simply Beautiful.” My favorite is Red-Winged Blackbird. We also love another Debbie Carroll CD, “Up and Over the Moon.” Enjoying this music with him will always be among my happiest memories.  JUDITH

Since nursery school started back in September we – myself and the preschoolers – have been enjoying your CD on a daily basis;  it’s “simply beautiful!” Carol

I have been meaning to write to you specifically about the CD. Saskia and Anouk absolutely LOVE it. I can’t tell you how often we have listened to it, especially in the car on our trips to and from Ancaster. Saskia’s favourite is “Simpy Booful” which she sings along to and kisses her baby’s head . It is sooooo lovely. Its hard to note Anouk’s favourite because at the end of each song she says, “Hear it again please. It’s nice!” She listens very attentively to everything and I think enjoys the many arrangements that allow for different instruments to stand out in the various songs. She often asks me “What is this?” if she hears an instrument soloing. Pretty great. Maryke

What fun to receive your new CD Simply Beautiful in the mail yesterday…I am really enjoying listening to it. I marvel at how Ken and company can create such neat accompaniments! … I hope there is much joy surrounding the release of this new CD! Kate

I love it! Already listened twice to your music. Hanni

Congratulations on a very classy CD. Bob

I got your CD in the mail, thank you. I like it…. I put the thank you note in my scrapbook. Zeke

Thanks so much for all your good work – your voice is so lovely and clear and your choice of music perfect for our preschoolers. When we listen to you it’s always a dancing day! Laurie

‘Simply Beautiful’ is fabulous, Debbie! Jannie

A wonderful production! Valley and Rick

Please send me your new CD, ‘Simply Beautiful’. I reallyenjoyed your last CD and your beautiful songs. All the best in your future work. Sincerely, Borjana

It’s just a delight! Aunt Shirley

We were so excited when the CD arrived. We’ve heard some rave reviews already. Also, the CD cover really underlines the variety of the kinds of music on the CD, because there are so many pictures and things to look at on the cover. Sally

Thank you for the lovely C. D. I really enjoy it. It is awesome. Thank you for signing the C. D. It’s really nice of you to sign my C. D. Anyways I have to go. Sincerely, Emma

You are SUCH a GREAT children’s musician! I knew that, but nothing like a big shining reminder. I’ve been hopping around like a bunny all morning …Too funny. xo Ellen

Many many successes to you!! and may your music and spirit continue to uplift and grace ever expanding audiences (in numbers, not just girths!) Taivi

“Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley” has always been one of our favourites and we’re so thrilled to have your recording of it. Who am I kidding? The whole CD rocks!!! (and now we have a CD player in the car, so we can listen to it all the more!) Lisa

Axel is still talking about you….he loves to sing and is constantly listening to music: I think we can thank you for that because he really got to love music when he was in your class. I hope we’ll get to hear you sing and play in the fall. Cecile

Congratulations on your new CD!!! WE can’t wait to hear the new songs and play them endlessly on our CD player this summer. Hilary

Up and Over the Moon! is an excellent CD. My kids listen to it every day and enjoy playing their musical instruments along with it. We love Debbie Carroll and hope that she comes up with other CDs. Tiz

Thanks for the CD! I just got it a couple days ago, and I’m going to take it to school tomorrow and play it for my Kindergarten classes. I look forward to hearing it! Caitlin

Up and Over the Moon! is good CD even if you’re not a kid’s music afficianado. Rick

You have a real talent that appeals to all ages. Not many can do that. Jayne