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A Snow Poem by Debbie with verses from you!

Last week, just before I went out to shovel snow (again!), I put pencil to paper and began to write a poem about snow that turned into a poem about COLOURS! Below my poem are some of the verses that YOU have mailed in.

White If You Know

White if you know * Is the colour of snow * The colour of snow * Is white if you know
Green if you please * Are beans and peas * Peas and beans * Are green if you please
Red if you inquire * Is a crackling fire * A crackling fire * Is red if you inquire
Orange if you spy * Is a big pumpkin pie * A big pumpkin pie * Is orange if you spy
Blue you’ll agree * Is the wide open sea * The wide open sea * Is blue you’ll agree
Gold if you wish * Are the scales of a fish * The scales of a fish * Are gold if you wish

…and these verses from YOU arrived in the Mailbox!

Silver – go look! It’s the babbling brook.  The babbling brook – it’s silver, go look!

Black if I’m right * Is the colour of night * The colour of night * Is black if I’m right

Pink if you say * Are my toes, okay? * My toes, okay? * Are pink if you say

Orange I have seen * Is a tangerine * A tangerine * Is orange I have seen
Yellow I am told * Is a marigold * A marigold * Is yellow I am told

Blue, my oh my * Is the colour of sky * The colour of sky * Is blue, my oh my