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Riverview House Concerts

Great music in a cozy living room.

A Riverview House Concert is a group of up to 30 or so new and old friends who gather together for a live, intimate music event. We pool donations in order to make this happen.  We have hosted performers from Canada, the U.S.A. and the U.K. Our home is in the town of Goderich, Ontario, on the shore of Lake Huron.Music, friends, coffee, tea, cookies and crazy door prizes. Reservations are required, by emailing  Please email for more information.

Additional info is available on the House Concerts 101 page and upcoming concerts can be found on the Riverview House Concerts Facebook page. You can also listen to a CBC interview about house concerts on Fresh Air with Mary Ito, Tannis Slimmon and Debbie Carroll.

Previously @ Riverview

Eileen McGann, Joel Fafard, John Lemme, Steve Baughman, Jeni & Billy, Valdy, Gavin Davenport, Katherine Wheatley, Matthew Hussey, Garnet Rogers, Teresa Doyle, & October Browne, Sheesham & Lotus, Eve Goldberg, Dave Gunning, Tannis Slimmon & Lewis Melville, Hungrytown, The Arrowsmiths, Ken Whiteley, Ho! Ho! Ho! Singalongs 1 and 2, John Lemme Singalong, Michael Jerome Browne, Dana & Susan Robinson, The Laws, Sharon & Bram, Mil, Sharlene Wallace, Eric Nagler, Brother Sun, Jacob Moon, Mustard’s Retreat, Prodigal Daughter, James Gordon, Caitlin Hanford & Gwen Swick, Joe Crookston, Suzie Vinnick, Phil & Courtney Main, Dala, Mil.