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Simply Beautiful

From a Mom of three

“Debbie Carroll’s latest CD Simply Beautiful is just that. It has a refreshing sound that has our whole family singing and dancing. We take great pleasure in trying to identify the different instruments, from the tuba in Jack Jingle to the bell in Sing Me To Sleep. The album has piqued our five-year old’s curiosity […]

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Invest In Kids

“It’s absolutely wonderful. The instrumentation is gorgeous… I love how different songs put the spotlight on various instruments – jaw harp, hurdy-gurdy, bells. Honestly, listening to many of the tunes made me feel like clapping my hands, or dancing around. The whole CD has such a nice feel, and a really appealing playful quality. I […]

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School Library Journal

“Canadian Debbie Carroll’s latest recording is true to its title.  Borrowing themes from nature and family, each song is presented professionally with accompaniment on instruments such as the mandolin, Celtic harp, fiddle, and hurdy-gurdy that enhances the pieces.  Her mature voice on the 19 tracks provides a calmness to each song.  Among the guest performers […]

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From Bram

“Another wonderful collection from Debbie Carroll and her musical friends… perfect for young children and their families!” Bram of Sharon, Lois & Bram

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Wholenote Magazine

“25 years ago musical entertainment for children was almost a Canadian industry. Streaming through the door that was opened by Raffi and blown in by Sharon, Lois and Bram came a whole procession of artists with a whole stack of accompanying record albums. They weren’t all great, but Debbie Carroll is the equal of the […]

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“A fine collection of new and traditional tunes for young children and their parents to share. The arrangements, featuring a dizzying variety of instruments, are perfectly suited to the songs and serve to highlight Debbie’s strong, clear voice. This is gentle music that is genuine, heartfelt and will stand the test of many, many playings.” […]

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Flying Dragon Bookshop

“We think the CD is truly lovely. What a delight. A tuneful treat for young and old alike! This beautifully musical CD inspires dancing and twirling! The natural timbre of Debbie’s voice is a joy to listen to… it’s simply beautiful. We look forward to sharing it with our customers!” Nina, Nancy and Cathy, The […]

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The Eensy Weensy Book of Little Fingerplays

Kathy Reid-Naiman for Eensy Weensy

Children and the adults who teach and care for them will rejoice with Debbie Carroll’s first book – ‘The Eeensy Weensy Book of Little Fingerplays!’ This is a valuable collection of new and relatively unknown rhymes and songs from a woman who has spent her life working and playing with children. Debbie has chosen 12 […]

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Up And Over The Moon

Today’s Parent

“Up and Over the Moon! Giggle, Dance and Cuddle Songs for the Very Young by Debbie Carroll is that rare treasure: a compilation that is specifically for the littlest people but so beautifully executed that grown-ups will love it too. Just try to keep your toddler’s feet on the ground- just try to keep your […]

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Bram Morrison

“One of the most difficult challenges in songwriting is to create a new song that has that feeling of well-worn and comfortable familiarity that so many old folk songs possess. This wonderful collection of old and old-feeling new songs is perfect for young children and their families. Debbie Carroll and her musical friends have created […]

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Detroit Free Press

“A lovely collection of songs and rhymes for very young children to listen and move to. You might even, without any kids around, find yourself singing (and dancing to) the catchy “Elephants Marching.” If anyone notices, try to act cool.” Marty Kohn, Detroit Free Press

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Parents’ Choice Foundation

“Toddlers and preschoolers – and their favorite grown-ups – will want to swing and sway, dance, bunny hop, swoop, soar and march like an elephant to this generous helping of 26 playful folk tunes, sunnily presented by early childhood music teacher Debbie Carroll. Joined by other accomplished musicians, Carroll accompanies her light soprano on Celtic […]

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Katherine Wheatley

“What a gift Debbie has for communicating to children and for helping them find the joy of music. The melodies on her CD are irresistible; the lyrics are fun and meaningful. Her songs are ones that every kid – big and little – will want to sing along with.” Katherine Wheatley singer-songwriter

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Meadow Dulcimers

“I’ve spent the day with your CD. It is rare for me to spend a whole day with a single CD, but “Up and Over the Moon” is irresistible! You really have achieved a humor that is fresh, unpatronizing, and completely other than the corporate cuteness and correctness… that so plagues thinking about children in […]

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Jean Ritchie

“Your music is so light and lovely… that even a Great-Granny cannot resist it!” Jean Ritchie performer

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