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Debbie’s Personal Mentoring Programme

For teachers, librarians, caregivers and parents

Debbie’s specialty is teaching early childhood music classes which involve the partnership of a child with a parent or caregiver.


Debbie has led workshops for groups of new parents, early childhood music teachers and children’s librarians. Workshop titles include:

  • Many Songs, Many Ways to Move
  • Simply Beautiful
  • S is for Sing
  • Parent Group Songs and Rhymes for Baby
  • 10 Faces of Joy
  • A Song for You, A Rhyme for Me
  • 50 Songs in 100 Minutes
  • Theme Songs
  • Tips for Teachers
  • Action Songs and Rhymes for Little Nature Lovers

“I was thrilled when I stopped in a classroom today, and the five-year-old children spontaneously started singing “I shut the door.”  What fun they had learning your song and making a class book with their ideas about what might be behind the squeaky door.  Thanks so much for a GREAT addition to my October curriculum!“  Margaret Hooton, participant in a workshop for The Children’s Music Network 2012 International Conference workshop, Zion, Illinois


Mentoring may include private discussion, observation, feedback and/or repertoire. Anyone who wishes to expand on his or her selection and use of songs, rhymes and dances for young children will enjoy spending some learning time with Debbie.

“Debbie Carroll’s Personal Mentoring program helped my teaching immensely. Her observation and feedback about my classes was very valuable, and her suggestions about lesson planning, ways in which to structure classes and use instruments are both practical and inspirational. She introduced me to a wide variety of material and activities with ideas that are fun and engaging for both child and caregiver. I’m already seeing such great results in my classes and feel a lot more confident about my ability to deliver both an educational and fun music class. What made the most impact on me are her passion, creativity, and sense of joy when making music with others. She communicates such care and love and has inspired me to always strive for those “magic moments’.” Veronica Materi, Early childhood music teacher, group classes with parents and caregivers, Richmond Hill, Ontario