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Hi Debbie – Thank you for offering your Music Nest program here in Goderich at the East Street Train Station. My son and I have adored the time we spent with you in music class and look forward to singing along with your CDs at home. The families of Goderich are very lucky to have someone with your talent and experience to share music with our children. Claire

Your material has been a huge hit with the preschoolers that I work with daily!  Jennifer

My three-year old grandson and I love this music. I “stroll” or rock him to sleep to it, and he sings along sweetly with “Simply Beautiful.” My favorite is Red-Winged Blackbird. We also love another Debbie Carroll CD, “Up and Over the Moon.” Enjoying this music with him will always be among my happiest memories.  JUDITH

Since nursery school started back in September we – myself and the preschoolers – have been enjoying your CD on a daily basis;  it’s “simply beautiful!” Carol

I have been meaning to write to you specifically about the CD. Saskia and Anouk absolutely LOVE it. I can’t tell you how often we have listened to it, especially in the car on our trips to and from Ancaster. Saskia’s favourite is “Simpy Booful” which she sings along to and kisses her baby’s head . It is sooooo lovely. Its hard to note Anouk’s favourite because at the end of each song she says, “Hear it again please. It’s nice!” She listens very attentively to everything and I think enjoys the many arrangements that allow for different instruments to stand out in the various songs. She often asks me “What is this?” if she hears an instrument soloing. Pretty great. Maryke

What fun to receive your new CD Simply Beautiful in the mail yesterday…I am really enjoying listening to it. I marvel at how Ken and company can create such neat accompaniments! … I hope there is much joy surrounding the release of this new CD! Kate

I love it! Already listened twice to your music. Hanni

Congratulations on a very classy CD. Bob

I got your CD in the mail, thank you. I like it…. I put the thank you note in my scrapbook. Zeke

Thanks so much for all your good work – your voice is so lovely and clear and your choice of music perfect for our preschoolers. When we listen to you it’s always a dancing day! Laurie

‘Simply Beautiful’ is fabulous, Debbie! Jannie

A wonderful production! Valley and Rick

Please send me your new CD, ‘Simply Beautiful’. I reallyenjoyed your last CD and your beautiful songs. All the best in your future work. Sincerely, Borjana

It’s just a delight! Aunt Shirley

We were so excited when the CD arrived. We’ve heard some rave reviews already. Also, the CD cover really underlines the variety of the kinds of music on the CD, because there are so many pictures and things to look at on the cover. Sally

Thank you for the lovely C. D. I really enjoy it. It is awesome. Thank you for signing the C. D. It’s really nice of you to sign my C. D. Anyways I have to go. Sincerely, Emma

You are SUCH a GREAT children’s musician! I knew that, but nothing like a big shining reminder. I’ve been hopping around like a bunny all morning …Too funny. xo Ellen

Many many successes to you!! and may your music and spirit continue to uplift and grace ever expanding audiences (in numbers, not just girths!) Taivi

“Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley” has always been one of our favourites and we’re so thrilled to have your recording of it. Who am I kidding? The whole CD rocks!!! (and now we have a CD player in the car, so we can listen to it all the more!) Lisa

Axel is still talking about you….he loves to sing and is constantly listening to music: I think we can thank you for that because he really got to love music when he was in your class. I hope we’ll get to hear you sing and play in the fall. Cecile

Congratulations on your new CD!!! WE can’t wait to hear the new songs and play them endlessly on our CD player this summer. Hilary

Up and Over the Moon! is an excellent CD. My kids listen to it every day and enjoy playing their musical instruments along with it. We love Debbie Carroll and hope that she comes up with other CDs. Tiz

Thanks for the CD! I just got it a couple days ago, and I’m going to take it to school tomorrow and play it for my Kindergarten classes. I look forward to hearing it! Caitlin

Up and Over the Moon! is good CD even if you’re not a kid’s music afficianado. Rick

You have a real talent that appeals to all ages. Not many can do that. Jayne

Debbie Dancing in a Field of Flowers by Lucie Esperanza Browne Markus

Dear Debbie,

When we put Simply Beautiful on in the car for the first time, our 2 year-old Delia, fell asleep promptly, and our 4 1/2 year-old, Lucie, was totally silent for the duration of the CD. This is unusual for her.  Hours later she was reciting some of the lyrics, after having heard the record only once.

Since then not a day goes by where we don’t hear your voice, and believe me, I would not be writing to thank you if I didn’t like the music myself.  (Sometimes they won’t let me put anything else on). I enjoy the variety of the repertoire, the sincerity of the delivery, and the soothing sound of your voice.  Ken’s thoughtful and varied production brings it all together.

You are now a superstar in our household and I hope Lucie, Delia and Bee (mama) get to meet you one day.

Thank you,


Hi Debbie,

I have been using your “Simply Beautiful” CD in my three libraries; Bridgenorth, Ennismore and Lakefield, Ontario Stories & Music program this past year and find that the kids really love your music.

I especially like playing “Love is like Glue” which has such a beautiful sentiment expressed and it always raises the “love” energy in the room by gagillions. “White Coral Bells” is so beautiful I haven’t been able to play it since I always cry when I hear it. I think it was a song that my Brownie troupe in the sixties sang. “The Tree Song” is also one of my favorites and I use it over and over. The kids love it.

As I am also a musician hoping to release my music on CD one day I wish you much success and hope you continue your wonderful work. You definitely raise the “love” energy wherever your CD is played.

All the best,

Margie Johnson
Programming and Outreach Co-ordinator
Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield Public Library

Hi Debbie,

Thank you again for a great workshop. The next day I taught my visiting grade 1s the creaky door song – “I SHUT THE DOOR”. Apparently they sang it all the way back to their school (a 5 block hike!). I used it again with my pre-cshool program on Halloween. We sang it at storytime and continued (repeatedly) during our craft time! I think I’ll use it during my upcoming workshop (for teachers) at the local school board’s PA day! I’m excited. Thanks again.


Hi Debbie:

My 1-month old daughter and I love your 2 CDs – they are becoming a part of our morning routine and I know that as she gets older she will enjoy them even more as we can both sing along together!



We gave your ‘Simply Beautiful’ CD to our three grandchildren in Niagara Falls. We get constant information of them listening again and again to the songs. So there you have it – Grade A approval because, first, they’re 4 to 8 years of age; two, they are our grandchildren. Congratulations!


Last week, just before I went out to shovel snow (again!), I put pencil to paper and began to write a poem about snow that turned into a poem about COLOURS! Below my poem are some of the verses that YOU have mailed in.

White If You Know

White if you know * Is the colour of snow * The colour of snow * Is white if you know
Green if you please * Are beans and peas * Peas and beans * Are green if you please
Red if you inquire * Is a crackling fire * A crackling fire * Is red if you inquire
Orange if you spy * Is a big pumpkin pie * A big pumpkin pie * Is orange if you spy
Blue you’ll agree * Is the wide open sea * The wide open sea * Is blue you’ll agree
Gold if you wish * Are the scales of a fish * The scales of a fish * Are gold if you wish

…and these verses from YOU arrived in the Mailbox!

Silver – go look! It’s the babbling brook.  The babbling brook – it’s silver, go look!

Black if I’m right * Is the colour of night * The colour of night * Is black if I’m right

Pink if you say * Are my toes, okay? * My toes, okay? * Are pink if you say

Orange I have seen * Is a tangerine * A tangerine * Is orange I have seen
Yellow I am told * Is a marigold * A marigold * Is yellow I am told

Blue, my oh my * Is the colour of sky * The colour of sky * Is blue, my oh my