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About Debbie

Debbie Carroll is a children’s teacher, performer and workshop leader. Debbie loves to share songs and rhymes that capture the imagination and encourage participation. Her collections include original and traditional action songs and lullabies; the listener will encounter a wonderful world of fish, gardens, pussycats, trains, trees, the moon and stars!

25 years ago musical entertainment for children was almost a Canadian industry. Streaming through the door that was opened by Raffi and blown in by Sharon, Lois and Bram came a whole procession of artists with a whole stack of accompanying record albums. They weren’t all great, but Debbie Carroll is equal to the best of them, and continues the tradition of providing high-quality music for young children….

“Carroll has a sweet, perfectly-pitched voice reminiscent of Sharon Hampson, and sings simply and without mannerism…” Terry Robbins, Wholenote Magazine Online

For her first CD, Up and Over the Moon! Debbie won a Parents’ Choice Award and a Children’s Music Web Award. Musicians on the album include Ken Whiteley, Ben Grossman, Arnie Naiman, Eve Goldberg, Kirk Elliott, Ernie Tollar and others. The production is absolutely lovely; Today’s Parent calls it “a rare treasure: a compilation that is specifically for the littlest people but so beautifully executed that grownups will love it, too.”

Debbie’s Simply Beautiful CD is an inspiring collection of dances, action songs and quiet time music drawn from the Celtic, Appalachian, spiritual and Canadian traditions. Along with a wonderful roster of musicians including Ken Whiteley, Kathy Reid-Naiman, David Francey, Sharlene Wallace, George Koller and others, Debbie has created an exciting musical adventure for children and their grownups. This recording received a Parents’ Choice Award and was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award : Children’s Album of the Year.

The Eensy Weensy CD of Little Fingerplays is a fun hands-on collection of new and traditional songs and rhymes and is appropriate for babies, toddlers, and primary grades. The CD comes with a lovely booklet that includes lyrics and actions. Debbie teamed up with Ken Whiteley to create this recording. Music notation for all of the songs on the CD can be found on Debbie’s website. Children and their grownups will enjoy old favourites like ‘Five Little Peas’ and ‘The Eensy Weensy Spider’ along with new fingerplays such as ‘The Wise Mother Duck’ and ‘Ten Little Bats’.

Debbie studied Music (B.Mus.A) and Education (B.Ed.)at the University of Western Ontario, London. Later she earned her Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education from Ryerson University and The Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto. She has taught early childhood music with the Young Children’s Creative Music and Movement Classes, The Kingsway Conservatory of Music, and The East Street Station, specializing in songs and rhymes for babies and preschoolers. Debbie has led participatory workshops for parent, teachers and librarians in both Canada and the U.S.

Debbie lives in Goderich, Ontario, with her husband and 2 cats. Their son is a musician and their daughter is a costume seamstress.  Debbie plays a variety of instruments including piano, flute and Celtic harp and she loves to draw, knit and walk on the boardwalk.